Unique Personalized Quilted Ball Ornaments

About the Artist

Gail Dengler is a self-taught crafter and artisan. Born in 1954 in Reading, PA, Gail began her life long love of creating beautiful items for her home when she was involved in the testing of needlepoint, crewel, cross stitch kits through a local company, Dimensions. After a couple of years doing testing for them, she became intrigued about creating her own designs.  She started out making these quilted ornaments with standard designs but soon realized there was a market for personalized and unique ornaments.  Word of mouth traveled fast and soon she was designing her own miniature graphs and creating personalized ornaments. 

She took a break from designing and stitching when she was raising her three children on her own but soon her heart began to long for the creative side to emerge again. In between working as a full-time computer programmer for a large family owned department store and working per-diem as an L.P.N. at a local upscale retirement community and babysitting her four loves of her life, her grandchildren Aiden, Alexander, Adysson and Axel, she has again started creating these wonderful personalized ornaments.

Since 2011 she has been appearing at many local and regional craft fairs. Please see the show list and make plans to attend, you won't be sorry!

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